Welcome home.


to this simple house, where you can feel at home

Our food.

We serve a home-cooked breakfast everyday from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM to checked-in guests. We do not have a set menu; we cook ingredients that are locally sourced from what is available in our gardens or from farmers in the community. However, we make sure that the first meal of the day is delicious and nutritious to give you that much-needed energy for hikes and a day of walking.

We do take note of our guests’ allergies and dietary practices if we are informed. We may also serve meals other than breakfast for groups of 8 to 15 people if communicated in advance.

Guest Rooms

Inandako’s only has a total of five private rooms to accommodate visiting guests. These rooms are simple and basic, but they provide cozy shelters to weary travelers.

Rooms at Inandako's Sagada. This shows Layad, the upper floor room.
Window to the view from the rooms at Inandako's, Sagada.

common areas and exterior

Outside their rooms, guests may hang out in and around the house. Some like to sit and reflect on the veranda, while others prefer to enjoy a drink at the bonfire area.

You do you; enjoy life.

The owner, Alma, sitting in front of a painting by Iya Regalario at the dining area.
The dining area is open, spacious and very bright with wide French windows around it. Guests may sit anywhere and have a great view of nature. Breakfast is usually timely when the sun is just peeping from the treetops and sending warm sunshine into the room. Moonlight dining is also perfect in this setting as the light from the moon illuminates the room through the glass windows.

The owner used to do pottery as a hobby and her collection of pottery items are used in the kitchen – mugs, bowls, tea kettles, tea mugs — adding a very cool country table setting.
The upper floor common veranda provides a view of parts of the Echo Valley.
Bee paintings by SULÔ Projects on the outside walls of the lower floor near the garden.

Slow down everyone, you’re moving too fast. Frames can’t catch you when you’re moving like that.

– Jack Johnson