About Us

Inandako’s is a family-owned Bed and Breakfast located on the edge of the central busy district of Sagada in the Cordillera mountains of the Philippines.

A bit distant from the bustling municipal road, one has to walk a short distance off the beaten track to get to the place. Situated with a view of mountains, pine trees and cathedral rock formations, Inandako’s provides guests an environment  of calm and serenity without depriving them of easy access to spots and establishments that showcase Sagada’s own heritage — from cafes and restaurants to natural landscapes. Continue reading “About Us”

Rooms and Amenities

Kitchen and Dining Area

Dining Area

The dining area is open, spacious and very bright with wide French windows around it. Guests may sit anywhere and have a great view of nature. Breakfast is usually timely when the sun is just peeping from the treetops and sending warm sunshine into the room. Moonlight dining is also perfect in this setting as the light from the moon illuminates the room through the glass windows.


The owner used to do pottery as a hobby and her collection of pottery items are used in the kitchen – mugs, bowls, tea kettles, tea mugs — adding a very cool country table setting.



Dining Table with a view.
Inandako's-Sagada-Dining -Area
Dining Table with a view.
Pottery on Display.




There are a total of six (6) rooms for guests: 3 upstairs and 3  downstairs. They are spacious and bright lit with windows allowing good ventilation and a beautifully lit room on moonlight nights. The rooms are private and wi-fi connection is accessible unless the service provider conks out. All rooms have wood floors — in spite of the cold season from November to February, the temperature is warmer and cozier in so-called ‘bedweather’, especially when you are sleeping on handcrafted wooden beds. Wood parquet on the floors are warm and clean providing a healthy atmosphere. The upstairs bedrooms are along the front area of the house, providing a view of Mt. Ampacao and the downtown area of Sagada; the downstairs bedrooms on the other hand share a common veranda that gives the backyard view of Mt. Kanip-aw, and parts of the Echo Valley.

Upper Floor

Private Family Room 
Barkada room for 4 at Upper floor1.jpg
Barkada Room (good for 4 people)
Room for Two


Lower Floor

Room III – [Family Private Room] (good for 6 people)
Room II – [Private Room] (for 2-3 people)
Room I – [Private Room] (for 2-3 people)

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Hangout Areas

Slow down everyone, you’re moving too fast. Frames can’t catch you when you’re moving like that. – JJ

Sit back. Relax. Breathe some fresh air. Grab a drink. Life is good.


Bonfire area - dap-ay1.jpg
Bonfire and Hammock Area
the view1.jpg
wide veranda.JPG
Bamboo Hut