Food at Inandako’s, Sagada

Here are some photos of the food we have prepared in the years since we opened as a bed and breakfast. What we cook is sourced from what is readily available from our backyard, our farm, and our community; thus we do not have a set menu.

Some ingredients are only available when they are in season but we also have staples of heirloom food in the breakfast table such as smoked salted pork (etag), purple rice (balatinaw), and garden greens.

What we do is ask our guests if they have food allergies or particular dietary practices (e.g. pescatarian, vegan, etc.) so we would take these into consideration when we prepare food for breakfast. We also ask them to inform us what time within 07:30 to 8:30 AM they would like us to serve, so the food would be warm.

We cook from what is available in the market, or in our gardens so there is no menu. All guests generally get served the same food at the breakfast table.

For lunch and dinner, we may cook for guests who are 8-15 pax in number if requested. We would have to be informed in advance so we can prepare necessary ingredients.