About Us

Inandako’s Bed and Breakfast (BnB) | Sitio Kenlibed, Barangay Dagdag (Sagada, 2018)

Inandako’s is a family-owned Bed and Breakfast located on the edge of the central busy district of Sagada in the Cordillera mountains of the Philippines.

A bit distant from the bustling municipal road, one has to walk a short distance off the beaten track to get to the place. Situated with a view of mountains, pine trees and cathedral rock formations, Inandako’s provides guests an environment  of calm and serenity without depriving them of easy access to spots and establishments that showcase Sagada’s own heritage — from cafes and restaurants to natural landscapes.

As it first started as a simple homestay back in 2009, guests are welcome to treat the house as their own. The wide French windows, the collection of pottery, wooden panels and floors, the smell of brewing coffee in the morning and the kind hospitality makes one’s stay warm and comfortable amidst the most-sought cool climate of Sagada.


People in Sagada call or address mothers by attaching the name of their first born. Ina, like the Filipino term is an Igorot term for ‘mother’; Inan in Kankanaeytranslates to ‘mother of’.

Therefore, the term inandako means ‘mother of Dako’. The owner’s son’s gubbaw2  name or Igorot name is Dako, shortened from Didako – the Igorot name of his paternal great grandfather.

1Kankana-ey is the language spoken by the people of Mountain Province and some parts of the Benguet Province in Northern Philippines.
2Gubbaw is a naming ritual in the i-Sagada culture. When a baby is born he/she is given an Igorot name from his/her parental lineage to keep the name alive.