Our house has a total of five (5) private rooms that can accommodate visiting guests; the rest are occupied by our family. They are spacious and bright enough — the windows allowing ample ventilation and a beautifully illuminated room on moonlight nights. WiFi connection may be limited inside some of the rooms but is readily accessible in the common areas such as the reception area and the dining area or living room.

The upper floor room has wooden floors and walls while the lower floor rooms apart from the basement room have floors covered with carpet and wood parquets which make the interior warm and cozy especially in so-called bedweather during the cold season from November to February, or the rainy stretch of June to September.

The bedrooms have handcrafted wooden beds made by local artisans from the surrounding pine trees. These provide balanced temperature and stability to the foam mattresses they hold.

The room at the upper floor is provided with a view of Mt. Ampacao and parts of central Sagada’s downtown area while the lower floor rooms share a backyard view of Mt. Kanip-aw and parts of the Echo Valley.

Inandako’s Bed and Breakfast (BnB)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
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