There are a total of six (6) rooms for guests: 3 upstairs and 3  downstairs. They are spacious and bright lit with windows allowing good ventilation and a beautifully lit room on moonlight nights. The rooms are private and wi-fi connection is accessible unless the service provider conks out. All rooms have wood floors — in spite of the cold season from November to February, the temperature is warmer and cozier in so-called ‘bedweather’, especially when you are sleeping on handcrafted wooden beds. Wood parquet on the floors are warm and clean providing a healthy atmosphere. The upstairs bedrooms are along the front area of the house, providing a view of Mt. Ampacao and the downtown area of Sagada; the downstairs bedrooms on the other hand share a common veranda that gives the backyard view of Mt. Kanip-aw, and parts of the Echo Valley.

Upper Floor


Lower Floor



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